Selecting The Right Material For Island Countertops

A kitchen island tends to be the focal point of the entire room. The area can serve many purposes, depending on how the homeowner decides to use it. Appliances can make the island a place for cooking, while seating adds a place for dining. Depending on the amount of space available in the room, the island can serve a family in many ways.

Material Benefits

Different countertop materials will each have their own benefits. Materials that are extremely water resistant do well around sinks, while ones with extreme durability work great in prep areas. Choosing the one that works best for a home will depend on a family's unique needs. Some families may even consider using multiple materials in different areas of the room to bring purpose and life to their space.

Selecting a Theme

Those with an open floor plan will want to select a theme for their island that will not only work well with the rest of the room but any visible area in the home. Closed floor plans will have more room to play with the artistic aspects of designing an island. Homeowners may want to consult with an expert to come up with kitchen remodeling ideas that will work well for their space.

Serving a Purpose

The island can serve a purpose as small as being extra storage space. If this is the case, the material for the island may not matter as much as the cabinetry beneath it. For those who will have a sink built into the counter, a wooden countertop may not be the best choice regardless of how beautiful it is. If the area will be used for dining, however, wood can make a great material as long as it receives the proper care.

The Pros and Cons

Homeowners will want to thoroughly research all of their options before choosing the right countertop. Each material browse this site has pros and cons that may sway the families decision. Someone who has long dreamed of beautiful granite may not realize the upkeep that goes into the maintenance. Quartz provides an elegant look that will require less work in keeping the surface beautiful for years to come. Marble countertops may come at a higher price than some families can afford. Similar options can be considered to find a more affordable surface.

The most important rule to follow when choosing a countertop for an island is individuality. With each family being different, both in needs and style preferences, time and research should go into the selection. This will ensure that remodeling an island comes at more than just the right price. It will give the home and all of the residents within it a unique space to love and gather for many years to best site come.

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